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    2021 Daria Goncharevich Minsk
    2018 Maria Vasilevich Minsk
    2016 Polina Borodacheva Minsk
    2014 Victoria Miganovich Smorgon
    2012 Yulia Skalkovich Brest
    2010 Lyudmila Yakimovich Grodno
    2008 Olga Khizhinkova Vitebsk
    2006 Ekaterina Litvinova Mogilev
    2004 Olga Antropova Polotsk
    2002 Olga Nevdakh Brest
    2000 Anna Stychynska Mogilev
    1998 Svetlana Kruk Grodno



    Along with the Ministry of Culture and the ONT channel, the school is the organizer of the National beauty contest "Miss Belarus". We hold licenses for participation and organization of international beauty contests «Miss World»,«Miss Europe», «Miss International», «Top Model Of The World», «Miss Supranational» and others.

    "Miss Belarus" is the pride and property of the nation. For the first time the contest was held in 1998 and from that moment it is held every 2 years. This contest became the launching pad for many Belarusian girls who have achieved success, through participation in the contest.



    Only girls with good physical characteristics, who meet the following requirements, can participate in the contest "Miss Belarus":

    • having the citizenship of the Republic of Belarus and permanently live on the territory of the country (regardless of place of study, work)
    • aged 18 to 24 years inclusively at the date of the final contest
    • higher than 174 cm inclusively
    • have no tattoos and body piercings
    • never married
    • have no children

    Read the Instructions on the procedure of organization and holding of the National beauty contest "Miss Belarus" HERE


    Grodno region has the biggest number of beauties in Belarus. 3 queens were born there.

    A significant advantage remains for brunettes: 8 out of the top 11 women of the country have dark hair.

    Olgas were crowned most often.

    Miss Maria Vasilevich knows how to pilot a plane.

    Besides the precious crown, the winners are awarded with special prizes. The first Miss Belarus Svetlana Kruk received $ 300 and an electric kettle in 1998. Great gifts for that time.

    “Miss Belarus” Maria Vasilevich entered the TOP-5 of the most prestigious beauty contest “Miss World” and won the title “Miss World Europe”. This is the best result of participating in this competition.

    Daria Goncharevich is the youngest "Miss Belarus". At the time of the coronation, the girl was 18 years old.

    Lavrinchuk entered the top 20 most intelligent participants of the “Miss World” contest