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  • Draniki, cartoons, cimbalom, fashion shows? What awaits us at the festival “Etna Styl” in April

    26 April 2018

    On April 20-21, the capital will host the Minsk International Festival-Competition “Etna Styl”, which is meant to show how various and fascinating an exploration of ethnic culture can be for a man of the 21st century.
    The forum starts on Friday evening with showings of the national cinema and screening of the best world films translated into the Belarusian language.
    On Saturday from the very morning, anyone can visit interactive playgrounds. For example, try the dishes of the national cuisine at “Etna breakfast”, during the choreography classes learn the basic elements of folk dances, at a master class on style and visage find out what the wardrobe of our ancestors consisted of and what cosmetics they used and the youngest guests will have a chance to watch Belarusian cartoons. Live music and art-performance will adorn the festival.
    In the evening of April 21 at 21:04 there will be a bright "Etna show". Famous designers and brands of clothes, actors, musicians, dance groups, celebrities will take part in the program.
    A standing dinner in Belarusian style will finish the festival.
    The festival-competition "Etna Styl" is held every two years. Its creator is the National School of Beauty. Since 2016, it has been supported by the Minsk City Executive Committee and is included in the plan of events of the capital, as a project aimed at preservation and development of the national culture.
    When: April 20 and 21, 2018
    Where: Minsk, 4, Melnikayte str.
    The entrance is free. Entrance to the show program by invitation.
    Details by phone (017) 203 35 41
    Завершится фестиваль фуршетом в белорусском стиле. 
    Фестиваль-конкурс «Этна Стыль» проходит раз в два года. Его создателем является Национальной школы красоты. С 2016 года он поддерживается Минским городским исполнительным комитетом и внесен в план мероприятий столицы, как проект, направленный на сохранение и развитие национальной культуры.
    Когда: 21.04.2018 года
    Где: г. Минск, ул. Мельникаите, 4
    Вход свободный. На шоу-программу вход по пригласительным. 
    Подробности по телефону (017) 203 35 41