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  • The first steps to a dream. Model initiation of the youngest pupils of the National School of Beauty

    26 April 2018

    All of us had a dream as a child. Someone wanted to become a great scientist, someone to sell candy, and someone was building plans to fly into space. The children from the National School of Beauty are dreaming about the profession of a model. This Saturday they took the first steps to the cherished wish.

    Excited parents, grandmothers and grandfathers are running to the building at Melnikayte Street. There are bouquets of flowers and stuffed toys in their hands. Today they are, however, as always, in the role of the most devoted fans. Their favorite child is walking down the runway for the first time!

    Behind the scenes, the young students of the fashion theater “Krasavik” are loudly discussing something: “We approach the photographers and turn to them for a count of four”. The smallest of them is 3 years old, the oldest is 12 years old, but they already act in such responsible manner! They are to show everything they have learnt during the month of rehearsals: these are the art of runway walk, the basics of photography posing, acting, style, psychology and etiquette… 

    Border lights above the catwalk switch on, and the show begins. Pupils of the theater of fashion, like real models, appear before the audience in different images and styles (Barbie, grunge, business, casual, jeans, evening style).

    The collection of children's and teenage clothes, headwear and accessories “Rain” by the author Antonina Surinovich impressed everyone. It is made in a mixed style, using such decorative techniques as textile painting, imitating children's drawings on the asphalt with the effect of blurring in the rain.

    The collection by designer Catherine Fedyukovich presented at the festival did not leave anyone indifferent. From the early childhood, the girl has been keen on sewing and making clothes. After she got a sewing machine, she seriously began to create clothes for children. Now the designer is 11 years old. She showed a collection called “Amur” on the runway of the National School of Beauty.

    Vasilisa Rumzha, the head of the children's fashion theater “Krasavik”, the winner of the Miss Minsk-2007 pageant, and the semi-finalist of the Miss Belarus 2008 pageant is the organizer of the fashion show. She supported her apprentices behind the scenes throughout the event.

    The program also included workshops from senior children-models, brief excursions into the history of fashion, fun contests. Everyone could learn hip swaying and posing.

    There was after party with a disco and desserts after the initiation. Yes, at such a young age, models can afford a cake.

    Each participant of the fashion show received a T-shirt with the corporate logo of the National School of Beauty, as a sign that from that moment he has become a part of a large fashion-team. Of course, the audience applauded loudly.

    “Mom, I also want to be a model, like Olya!” – we hear a voice of one of the young guests nearby. That is how another child’s dream, which will certainly come true, arises.

    Photo: Alexey Ivanchenko, Konstantin Dahl
    Text: Darina Mikhalevich
    Press service of the National School of Beauty