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    Psychological counseling on issues:

    - resolution of personal problems;

    - improving the level of business qualities and social status;

    - gaining self-confidence;

    - conflict resolution;

    - study and development of personality;

    - parent-child relationships;

    - problems of marital interaction, etc.

    Psychological training:

    - communication training;

    - personal growth training;

    - self-confidence training;

    - training dedicated to developing confident behavior;

    -  "Be beautiful" training;

    - "Know yourself" etc.

    Classes in psychology and etiquette:

    - ethics and psychology of business relations;

    - business etiquette;

    - basics of psychology;

    - basics of etiquette.

    Psychological diagnostic work:

    - on drawing up a psychological portrait of a person;

    - on determining various psychological characteristics.

    Conducting training seminars on:

    - the importance of business image and style within the working process with clients;

    - image and style of a business person;

    - culture of behavior in the workplace;

    - conflict resolution, stress relief;

    - business etiquette;

    - ethics and psychology of business relations;

    The possibility of selection of psychological care directions for staff employees.

    Psychologist of the highest category has 20 years of practical experience.




    In the summer period (June-July) classes in catwalk skills, choreography, style, makeup, hairdressing, etiquette, psychology, acting are held in a shortened form (1 month) at the National School of Beauty.

    Anyone who wants to be even more beautiful, more successful, more confident, who dream to fill the summer with beauty, harmony and a rainbow of pleasant impressions is accepted.


    Melnikaite str. 4, Minsk city

    (17) 209 45 41, (44) 78 78 728